Transforming Forests and Forestry: Creating Lasting Connections 

This 3-day meeting included 77 people from 22 countries around the world. We created new networks to support one another in our research, livelihoods and work. We discussed and analyzed topics including forests and forestry, food security, food sovereignty, land rights, education, intergenerational knowledge transmission, public policy and environmental justice. Our intention is to continue to connect as a supportive network for one another in to the future. Together we are stronger. 







Sharing Transformative Approaches

Throughout this event, we shared stories of where we are from, what we are learning, and how we are achieving our goals. We shared food, laughs, deep conversations, ideas and ourselves. 

We created an awareness of the synergies between our different experiences and struggles. By seeing our strengths through one another, we were able to learn that we are not alone in the work we do. 

To continue building on the momentum that was created, we invite conference participants to continue to share with one another. We intend this online space to become a way to connect with one another. 




Website Features



Sharing Space

Coming soon, a space to share articles, art, music and other creations done by conference participants




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